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Manufacturer of industrial refrigerators and freezers

Tifo Refrigeration Industries

Tifo refrigeration industry in the east of Tehran started working with the construction of a production line in the field of design and production of various industrial refrigerators in Pakdasht. The company has the experience of experienced and experienced staff with more than 20 years of experience in this field on the one hand and the commitment of the company’s management to design and produce quality products (according to the most advanced standards) on the other hand caused the products of this collection It will be well received by private and public sector applicants in a short period of time.
Over the past few years, during the upgrade and improvement program, it has implemented its production lines by purchasing punching, roll forming, vacuum machines, mechanized paint lines, producing double-glazed and triple-glazed industrial refrigerator doors, and a refrigerator production line. Has launched its own industry.
In the future, Typhoon Refrigeration Industries seeks a prestigious position in the field of exporting industrial refrigerators to domestic and foreign markets and gaining more and more customer satisfaction.



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